What We Do :

Services we offer:

  • spelling programs

  • reading programs (leveled)

  • writing programs

  • maths programs

  • home schooling programs

  • communication skills

  • emotional regulation and management skills

  • information processing and critical thinking skills

  • assessments



We use the researched based Spalding Program to learn the most common 70 phonic sounds and 30 spelling rules. The knowledge and skills are then transferred to our reading program.



We use high frequency word knowledge, spelling patterns, rules, segmenting and blending to assist with word building and sentence construction. Descriptive writing is also a focus using various writing strategies.



Using explicit, sequential and multi-sensory teaching methods, students develop strategies to decode, blend, read and comprehend texts of various genres.



All areas of mathematics are covered systematically using the Australian School Curriculum guides. 

Spalding Program - Writing Road to Reading

The Writing Road to Reading Program is an evidence based program, delivered worldwide and an extension from Letterland with 70 codes (sounds/phonemes) found in the English language. These codes can be blended to form the many words we speak and write or can be segmented to read and spell. The ability to blend and segment is the most accurate indicator of a child's success in learning to read and write.