Remedial Education / Tutoring

Intervention for children with specific learning difficulties, additional needs or for anyone who may have been impacted by Covid 19 and just needs to catch up!

' 1 -1 '  and 'Small Group' Tutoring is available for children from

Prep - Year 8 in English and Maths.

Keeping up with the expectations in reading, writing, and maths can be a challenge for some children. Large class sizes, distractions and background noise can all contribute to some 'falling behind'.

If your child requires assistance in any of these areas, contact us today to discuss your child and we can tailor a program to suit their needs.

Locations and times are arranged to suit family commitments and busy lifestyles.

' 1 - 1 ' Tutoring  is available Mon-Sat by appointment in person or online via zoom.

I thought you'd be thrilled to hear that Max has embellished Prep with so much confidence and is now reading his first novel "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". He turns six next month. I would like to thank you so much for all your support!

John and I are so pleased we found you to help Charlotte with her dyslexia!

In the 6 months since you started working with my son, he has leaped ahead 10 reading levels, we can't thank you enough!