Centrally Kids

 Education Services (incorporating the Little Readers School Readiness Program)

Centrally Kids Education Services provide extra assistance and support to students in all academic areas due to various medical conditions, additional needs, or poor performance. Our Developmental Educators and Therapists work with families to identify the individual needs of students and develop a tailored program to achieve the best possible outcomes for their developmental level and their learning goals.


Our Programs include :

  • School Readiness Programs for 3-5 yr olds

  • 1-1 Remedial and Developmental Therapy and Education for students 5-13 years

* Children who receive NDIS funding and are self managed may be eligible to use their funding for developmental therapy and learning supports. 

Amanda is an Education Consultant and Developmental Therapist with over 25 years experience in the Education and Teaching field, and holds a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Counselling and Psychology. She has worked with children of all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities in Australia and the United Kingdom. Amanda believes every child has a right to be their best selves and is committed to providing opportunities to those who are in some way disadvantaged. She has helped many children with intellectual and emotional support, learning difficulties, developmental and language delays, verbal and written language skills, processing difficulties and critical thinking skills.