Individual Products

If you would like to purchase products individually, please email me. Products can be purchased and sent upon receipt of the invoice being paid.

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Individual Pricing Guide


Parent Guide 1                                                $15.00

Parent Guide 2                                               $15.00

Parent Guide 3                                               $15.00

Handwriting Book                                      $15.00

ABC Story Book                                            $25.00

Beyond ABC Storybook                        $25.00

Far Beyond ABC Storybook               $25.00

Flashcards                                                       $15.00

Laminated Alphabet Letters,

Numbers, Individual Cards and

Name Practice with whiteboard

marker and rubber. Colouring

pages and Playdough Recipe.         $10.00

CD                                                                             $25.00

Number & Counting to 20 Book       $20.00


Postage                                            $5.00 - $15.00