Similar to the Base Pack but with an added Story Book covering the next 21 combination sounds.


The Intermediate Pack is an extension from the Base Pack to help prepare children for formal learning during the Prep and Grade 1 years. It includes an ABC story book covering the first 31 sounds of the English Language, a Beyond ABC storybook covering a further 21 combination sounds, a handwriting booklet for each sound with a poem to help your child form the letter correctly every time, a CD that includes songs for each of the 31 sounds, individual sound cards, a laminated name board with marker and wipe, laminated cursive writing alphabet and numbers, colouring pages, and a no cooking playdough recipe.


This activity pack retails at $120 each and includes delivery Australia wide.


Intermediate Pack

  • Give your child a positive start to school with one of these Preschool Packs designed to prepare them for what's to come in their first year. Each pack inlcudes phonics, numbers, writing, and songs. Great to share together, spend some quality time and keep busy during quieter moments.